Black Women's Mental Health: It Takes Courage to Ask for Help!

Depression can be as sneaky as a sucker punch; you often don't see it coming. A variety of circumstances put Black women at high risk for mental and emotional stress - economic insecurity, responsibilities of caregiving, neighborhood violence, lack of social support and physical illness or disability. As a result, many are plagued by tension, anxiety, worry and fear. Because of the powerful and complex links between the mind, emotions and body, chronic states of stress and anxiety can have dangerous and sometime fatal, health consequences. In addition, the daily struggles of coping with racism and sexism further exacerbate mental and emotional stress.

CABWHP 21st Annual Women Who Dared Breakfast Gala

CABWHP 21st Annual Women Who Dared Breakfast Gala!

Advocate Training Program

The ATP is a nine-month leadership development and skills building course designed to train women and girls from the grassroots community to become effective health policy activists and advocates. In the initial intense 10-week course, participants learn community organizing and advocacy skills, including how to initiate and sustain letter-writing campaigns, effective legislative and media advocacy and other skills in an interactive environment.