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Winter 2006 - Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season is a time when getting "the blues" is especially common. For survivors of trauma and abuse, this time of year can be an extremely painful and difficult time. As many people are enjoying the season, celebrating with friends and family, and spending some time off of work or school to relax, survivors may find themselves experiencing depression, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. It is especially hard to take care of oneself or reach out for support when "joys of the season" are everywhere and you feel just the opposite.

Fall 2006 - Proposition 85: What’s At Stake for Our Teens?

In the November 2005 Special Election called by Governor Schwarzenegger, Proposition 73 was defeated by an approximately 5 percent margin. NBC News in San Diego describes Proposition 85, which appears on the ballot in the coming election on November 7, 2006, "as a sort of political ‘déjà vu.' It's a ballot measure similar to one rejected in the California special election but is back before the voters". Proposition 85, like 73, proposes a Constitutional Amendment that would require parental notification and a 48 hour waiting period before a minor can terminate a pregnancy. It is critical to the health of young, Black women and teen girls to vote on this important measure that can impact access to reproductive health care.

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