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May/June 2008 Issue Guide

Exploring the Link between the Environment and Cancer

  • What role does the environment play in breast cancer?

  • Why do some groups of women bear a greater burden of this disease than others?

The answers to these questions have thus far eluded scientists, yet answering them could lead to great progress against breast cancer. Recognizing the need for more research into these questions, the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) recently launched its Special Research Initiatives, a seven year effort to find answers that will push breast cancer research forward. CBCRP has set aside 30 percent of its funds over the next several years for the Special Research Initiatives (SRI), totaling approximately $23 million dollars.

Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008 Issue Guide

Toxic Chemicals and Black Women's Health

Black women are at a higher risk of death from many types of cancer, including breast cancer. Many studies show that although Black women are diagnosed with breast cancer less often than White women, many factors play a role in decreasing our chances of survival and enjoying a healthy life again after we are diagnosed. Research shows that our exposure to toxic chemicals (in our homes, beauty products, places of work, and the environment) can lead to serious health risks. With our day-to-day stresses and struggles, we might feel that these environmental issues are too big or out of our control to change. However, we must raise our awareness and speak out about these issues. Getting to know the dangers of the toxins around us and how we can limit our exposure can help us decrease our health risks. Working toward ending the use of dangerous chemicals, protecting workers from exposure, and cleaning up our communities can make a difference in our health, along with the health of our families, and our entire community.

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