October 2003

California Black Women.s Health Project is proud to acknowledge the following sponsors for their generous contributions


California Consumer Protection Foundation
California Endowment
California Wellness Foundation
Center for Non-Profit Management
Los Angeles
Women.s Foundation
The Women.s Foundation
Eli Lilly and Company
Kaiser Permanente


Nakatomi & Associates
Frances Jemmott
Karin Elliot Brown, Ph.D


Trudi Butts
Raymond Carter
Kim Elliot-Ackbarali
Diane Henry
Marilyn Hill Harper
Yasmin Kotomori
Carol Lee
Dee Long
Marilyn Martin, MD
Holly Mitchell
Benetta Pilate-Hicks
LaShawn Smith
Nora Sykes

Helping African-Americans Fight Obesity

Combating obesity (a growing problem for African Americans) helps to fight heart disease and stroke. That is the word from the American Heart Association (AHA), which offers free programs to help fight obesity and other heart disease and stroke risk factors. The programs, which the AHA hopes more blacks will start using, reach people in their homes churches and workplace. While obesity has reached epidemic proportions for all ethnic groups in America, rates are particularly high among blacks: 77.3 percent of non-Hispanic black females are overweight and 28.1 percent are obese.

Obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.America.s no 1 killer. It occurs when, over time, more calories are taken in by eating than are used up through physical activity. Obesity can end up being the one factor that increases rates of heart disease and stroke in the African American community,. said Augustus Grant, M.D., Ph.D., president of the AHA and professor of medicine at Duke University. .It must be controlled and managed. The one good thing about obesity is that it is preventable, but you have to know how to change your lifestyle. That.s why it is so important for the American Heart Association to provide programs and resources to help people manage their weight and live healthier lives for themselves and their families..

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