April 2004 Action Alert - Health Data Reporting: Underrepresented Ethnic and Racial Groups


California Legislation:

AB 2324 - Health Data Reporting: Underrepresented Ethnic and Racial Groups: Status: Assembly Health Committee (Hearing: Tuesday April 13, 2004 - 1:30 p.m.).

This legislation, authored by Assemblymember Wilma Chan, addresses racial and ethnic health disparities by (1) improving the collection of data re: race, ethnicity and primary language and (2) fostering collaboration among state agencies to address the underlying determinants of community health. It would ensure that race, ethnicity and primary language data is collected by state programs and agencies that provide services to the public and that this data is aggregated, publicly available and analyzed to identify disparities and measure program effectiveness.

AB 2324 will provide the opportunity for government agencies to work together to address the underlying determinants of health and to inform us about their current efforts and capacity to address community health. The elimination of health disparities requires high quality data to identify disparities and to assess the effectiveness of programs designed to address them.

If you are in support of this bill, you can:

  1. Obtain endorsements for the bill from organizations in the community;
  2. Meet with your state legislators, especially those who are members of the Assembly Health Committee;
  3. Ask your Assemblymember to become a co-author of the bill. If you do not know your Assemblymember, please go to www.leginfo.ca.gov. If your Assemblymember is on the Assembly Health Committee and you are interested in urging him or her to support AB 2324, you can contact Marty Martinez of the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) at mmartinez@cpehn.org. In order for AB 2324 to pass the Assembly Health Committee, it needs at least 10 votes.