Mental Health PSA: The Family Reunion

In 2005, The California Black Women's Health Project embarked on a project with the group Women in Film. CABWHP was selected by Women in Film to receive the Women in Film annual Public Service Announcement (PSA) Program award. Recipients of this award receive a free, professionally produced and distributed PSA for their agency valued at approximately $300,000.

Starting with a working group at CABWHP's 2005 Policy Summit, Black women leaders brainstormed concepts and script ideas for an anti-stigma and education/outreach Public Service Announcement. Our goal was to increase the utilization of mental health services by Black women and to normalize the discussion of mental and emotional health issues. In order to eliminate the stigma associated with mental and emotional health, we needed to present these issues in a way that resonated with Black women.

After many meetings, discussions, and much creative brainstorming, the creative team of Women in Film put together a script and concept that honored our ideas-- it told a touching story of a Black woman struggling with depression and anxiety and her journey to finding the help and support she deserved.

With many CABWHP advocates and supporters as extras, the filming of the PSA took place in January of 2006. We anticipate that it will air on television and radio beginning in winter 2006-2007. We look forward to seeing the message of the PSA impact how Black women and our community regard mental health services. We also hope that this will inspire more Black women to pursue careers in mental health.

The Women in Film team:
Tobie Loomis, Executive Producer
Donna Ellis, Producer
Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Writer
Anne Moebes, Director

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