Black Women's Mental Health: It Takes Courage to Ask for Help!

Depression can be as sneaky as a sucker punch; you often don't see it coming. A variety of circumstances put Black women at high risk for mental and emotional stress - economic insecurity, responsibilities of caregiving, neighborhood violence, lack of social support and physical illness or disability. As a result, many are plagued by tension, anxiety, worry and fear. Because of the powerful and complex links between the mind, emotions and body, chronic states of stress and anxiety can have dangerous and sometime fatal, health consequences. In addition, the daily struggles of coping with racism and sexism further exacerbate mental and emotional stress.

One Million Tests: World AIDS Day 2008

One Million Tests - World AIDS Day 2008

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The reality:
33 Million Living with HIV
30 Million without treatment - the majority have not been tested and do not know their status.

Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of organizations that have signed on in support of the One Million Tests Campaign. We are close to 1,000 groups worldwide and are on the way to the target of One Million Tests.  

If you have not yet joined, please sign on today and be a part of this worldwide event and effort.  

We welcome your support.

Please join at

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