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August 2006 - Legislative Update

Keeping abreast of current legislation empowers Black women to advocate for changes that will improve the health of Black women and girls and our entire community. We believe that a healthier future is possible when women are empowered to make choices in an environment where equal access and health justice are community priorities. There is legislation currently pending that will impact the lives of Black women and girls. The California legislative session ends on August 31, 2006. Both houses (the Assembly and Senate) are meeting around the clock in order to consider the approximately 1,000 bills that remain alive. On the federal level, the House of Representatives is scheduled to adjourn October 2, 2006. The legislative issues addressed in this Issue Guide that will directly affect our community are:

  • Universal Healthcare for California Residents
  • Darfur Divestment
  • Hospital Overcharging
  • California Discount Prescription Drug Program
  • The Healthy Californians Biomonitoring Program
  • Preventing Unintended Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Community Health Workers Act of 2005
  • Healthy Places Act of 2006

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